Loving Myself in 2017

Every single day I spend a ridiculous amount of time focusing on what others think about me. Will people think I'm weird if I post that Instagram picture? My friend didn't respond to my text immediately, could she be mad at me? If I go to the grocery store with no makeup will everyone notice my broken out face? When I am feeling down and frustrated sometimes I immediately jump to telling myself I am lazy or not smart enough or find some way to put myself down.

I realize the absurdity of these statements. Many, if not all, are not true. Regardless, this is the way so many people, myself included, think every single day.

Why do so many of us suck in our guts, don't eat the ice cream we are desperately craving, or keep our thoughts hidden in fear of being judged? 

Why do we spend more time focusing on what others think of us than what we think of ourselves?

This attitude that I have had for years is slowly breaking me down and now is the time to make some serious life changes. I am committing 2017 to loving myself, and I hope you do the same.

I am going to post whatever I like. Sure, not everyone will love it. But everyone is different! That's okay. It makes me happy and is a way to express myself, so I can't worry.

I need to appreciate my strengths as a person. I am smart, I am committed, and I am hardworking. I am kind, loving, and a dedicated friend. This year I will spend more time focusing on the good. There are plenty of things that I want to work on, and that is okay because no one is perfect. But I will not beat myself up about anything. I will not put myself down. I will forgive myself for making mistakes.

I will appreciate my body. This is something that has been the hardest. I have struggled with acne for many years and have always been so insecure about my skin. I always find a million little things that I would change about my body if I could. I eat healthy, exercise when I can, and take my vitamins. I need to realize that I am taking care of my body and I am strong and healthy. I will embrace it this year. 

I will work out and eat healthy because I love my body not because I hate my body.

No more dieting, no more body shaming.

We will never be happy if we are always focusing on what we dislike about ourselves. It will turn into a life-long struggle that we may never find a solution too. Life is too short. I will celebrate myself this year because I deserve it. In 2017, I will practice self-love.